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Portable Belle Cement Mixer

We don't just do big plant & machinery! We will cover anything that you or your site uses that's a mechanical diesel device. We were called last minute to say the engine was jumping around in the engine compartment of this belle cement mixer. It was needed urgently the following day to carry on the damp course! I checked what we had on the van and luckily enough we had some rubber vibration mounts in that would just do the job. We set on out there and got the mixer, repaired/remounted in its housing belt tensioned and mixer tested! Back fully operational same day the call was made - in less that 2 hours we carried out on the repair. We saved our customer costly repairs or the hire of a mixer all by our quick inovitive pricing and repairs ! Call today to see how we can help you and your machinery!

  • Plant & machinery service & repair

  • Agricultural & machinery service & repair

  • On-site welding & fabrication

Nottinghamshire based



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