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JCB 8030zts Poor Running - Injector swap

Updated: Feb 27

Upon inspection on this mini excavator we advised our customer that the machine was not in the best of running conditions. We diagnosed this down to poor diesel/diesel contamination as we have been out to this machine a number of times for tank drain and filter swap. We advised that the fuel system would need a service. He gave us a small time frame of 3 days to get it done before it headed out to its next job. Injectors were removed overhauled and re-tested within 48 hours. We returned to the machine immediately

got the injectors re-fitted along with fresh filters and fuel. 30 min test of casting tarmac chipping revealed a massive improvement. Overall customer was happy with the outcome as well as his driver being happier. Call us today how we could help with poor running or no ruining at all of your machine. Cost effective engineering solutions for you and your machines!

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